Shot Type Activity 2

Under Development for Fall Semester 2022


Learning objectives: By the end of this activity, you will be able to:

  1. create folders on your Desktop and on Google Drive
  2. use a camcorder or DSLR to compose and take pictures using at least 10 standard shot types
  3. transfer media from your camera to your Desktop folder
  4. rename files
  5. upload folders from Desktop to Google Drive
  6. get a shareable link to a folder on Google Drive, and
  7. submit a link to Google Classroom

Step One

Review the shot types viewable via the links below. These links also appear on the main menu at left:

Step Two

Create a folder for this activity within your class folder on your Desktop. Name the folder shot_types2 or something similar. You will be saving your shots to this folder.

Step Three

Using a camera provided by your instructor, plan and take pictures using at least 10 different shot types. You can take your pictures of items in the classroom or each other. Please note that you must get permission from your subject to take their picture.

We also have an assortment of figurines you can use.

Step Four

Using a usb cable or card reader, copy your pictures to the folder on your Desktop that you created in Step Two.

IMPORTANT: After you have copied your pictures to your Desktop, rename each picture with the name of the shot type used.

Step Five

Upload the entire folder you created in Step Two to your class folder on Google Drive. This folder should now contain all the images you took for Step Three.

Step Six

Get a shareable link for the folder you just uploaded to Google Drive and turn in that link on Google Classroom.

How-to Videos

Get shared link

Export to mp4

Add captions



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