Week 1 tasks
Seating charts
Behavior plan
Device passes and policy
Add link to cailab on your browser and/or Desktop
Drive structure
Set up class folder and subfolder for first project
Backup class folder to Google Drive
Learn how to use Snagit (needed for upcoming activity)
Watch videos on camera movement and shot sizes

If time permits:
*Rule of thirds
*Shot types
*Camera movement

Google Classroom Codes:

Grade 8: 4ho467u
Grade 7: zavdc2g
Grade 6: mw2ai2c

Shot Types

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Basic shot types

These are the most frequently used shot types. You will be required to use all of these in some of your projects.

  • Extreme long shot (XLS)
  • Long shot (LS)
  • Medium shot (MS)
  • Medium close up (MCU)
  • Close up (CU)
  • Extreme close up (ECU)

Secondary shot types

These are additional shot types you'll often see. You will be required to use some of these in your projects.

  • Full shot (FS) - shows the subject head to toe and is a little closer than a long shot
  • Medium long shot (MLS) - between full shot and medium shot
  • Cowboy shot
  • Choker
  • Eye level
  • Over the shoulder - often used in scenes with dialogue
  • Birds-eye view - looking straight down on the subject

Camera angles and placement

  • High angle
  • Low angle
  • Dutch angle

Other types of shots

  • Cut-in
  • Cutaway
  • Establishing shot
  • Point of view (POV)
  • Reaction shot
  • Reverse angle
  • Two shot

Supplementary material

Images located at https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/video/tips-and-solutions/filmmaking-101-camera-shot-types on 210128.