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Welcome back everybody! It's going to be a great year!

Google Classroom Join Codes

  • A1: svfwnei
  • A2: bcracb2
  • A4: zpusnxt
  • B3: gxpifuw
  • B4: j4dolgd

Week 1: Week of 22-Aug-2022, Mon is modified schedule, Tue is an A
  • Join Google Classroom
  • Classroom norms, procedures, and expectations
  • Ask 3
Week 2: Week of 29-Aug-2022, A
  • File Management 1
  • File Management 2
  • Progress:

    All classes have started and many students in all classes have finished Shot Types 1. Those student who have finished Shot Types 1 can spend Thu and Fri classes can explore Premiere Pro tutorials. The best way to do this is right in the Premiere Pro program. There are also tutorials based here.

Week 3: Week of 05-Sep-2022, Mon is a holiday, Tue is an B
  • Shot Types 1
  • Tuesday B4: Premiere Pro tutorials. Do not start the Storyboard project! We'll do that on Thursday. Link to Docx.
  • Premiere Pro tutorials
  • Practice standard procedures of:
    1) creating project folder on Desktop,
    2) creating Premiere Pro project configuration file inside the project folder on the Desktop,
    3) building a disposable 'junk' project by importing random files and pulling them onto the timeline,
    4) uploading entire project folder to Google Drive.
  • Storyboard
Week 4: Week of 12-Sep-2022, B
Week 5: Week of 19-Sep-2022, A
  • Shot Types 2 preparation
    Plan your shots! Before we go outside to take pictures and video for Shot Types 2, we each need to plan our shots.
    > You will work with one or two other people.
    > You are not required to have your picture taken. Everyone must give their permission before their picture can be taken for this activity.
    > Your shots do not have to be of people. You can take them of objects.
    > Plan at least 10 different shots, meaning different shot sizes/types.
    > Write down your planned shots on a piece of paper and take the paper with you when we go outside to shoot.

  • If you have finished Shot Types 2 preparation:
    In this in-class activity, you will be transferring media from cameras to a Desktop folder and uploading that folder to Google Drive.
    > Make a folder for this activity on your Desktop and name it whatever you like.
    > The teacher will give you and your partner a camera and cable.
    > Using the cable, connect the camera to your computer. Make sure your camera is turned on.
    > Find the folder on the camera that contains the media.
    > Copy that entire folder to your project folder.
    > Rename the folder you just copied giving it a descriptive name.
    > Upload the entire folder to Google Drive.
    You will not be turning this in on Google Classroom. The teacher will come around and check your progress. You will be doing this with more than one camera.

  • If you have finished everything above, you may:
    > Work on Premiere Pro. Learn new stuff!
    > Work on your Seedbed project.

  • Shot Types 2
Week 6: Week of 26-Sep-2022, B, Fri no school for students
  • Finish Shot types 2
  • If time permist, start Script format
  • Discuss October Tolerance, Kindness, and Respect video project | Link
    This year, the Department of Defense and the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention, are encouraging the youth in our military communities to submit original Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that showcase ways youth are taking action against bullying and promoting a culture of tolerance, kindness, and respect in their communities. PSAs should be informative and entertaining videos that send a positive message to youth about the importance of being "more than a bystander" to bullying in their schools and communities.
    >> Completion of a video for this project can be used in place of the Montage Script and Montage Production activities. A script will be required. Rubric to follow shortly.
Week 7: Week of 03-Oct-2022, A, Fri no classes
Week 8: Week of 10-Oct-2022, Mon holiday, Tue is a B
  • October Tolerance, Kindness, and Respect video project | Link
Week 9: Week of 17-Oct-2022, Mon no classes, Tue is a B
  • October Tolerance, Kindness, and Respect video project | Link
Week 10: Week of 24-Oct-2022, B, no school for students Fri, end of Q1
  • October Tolerance, Kindness, and Respect video project | Link
Week 11: Week of 31-Oct-2022, B
Week 12: Week of 07-Nov-2022, A
Week 13: Week of 14-Nov-2022, B, Fri no classes for students (PT conferences)
Week 14: Week of 21-Nov-2022, A, Thu-Fri holiday
Week 15: Week of 28-Nov-2022, B
Week 16: Week of 05-Dec-2022, A
Week 17: Week of 12-Dec-2022, A
Week 18: Week of 02-Jan-2022, Mon holiday, Tue is a B
Week 19: Week of 09-Jan-2022, Fri no classes for students

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