Video Production Schedule

If you want to use a camera, you must have a
shot list or a script that is annotated with shots!

Rather than working on our current project until
you are 'done', you are now required to work on it
until we move on to the next project as a class.

It is never perfect.
There are always improvements that can be made.

We will explore image upscalers to improve resolution.

Sound effects have been added to our shared Google folder!
Click here to explore hundreds of sound effects.

Week 1: Week of 21-Aug-2023
  • Join Google Classroom
  • Classroom norms, procedures, and expectations
  • Ask 3
Week 2: Week of 28-Aug-2023
Week 3: Week of 04-Sep-2023
  • Shot Types 1
  • Storyboard
  • Shot list
  • Premiere Pro tutorials
  • Practice standard procedures of:
    1) creating project folder on Desktop,
    2) creating Premiere Pro project configuration file inside the project folder on the Desktop,
    3) building a disposable 'junk' project by importing random files and pulling them onto the timeline,
    4) uploading entire project folder to Google Drive.
Week 4: Week of 11-Sep-2023
  • Finish all previous activities
  • Shot Types 2
  • Shot Types 2 preparation
    Plan your shots!
    > You will be working in small groups.
    > You are not required to have your picture taken. Everyone must give their permission before their picture can be taken for this activity.
    > Your shots do not have to be of people. You can take them of objects. One option is to have a subject rather than random, disconnected shots. Examples include a person, object, or activity. The activity can be something as simple as someone tying their shoe or writing on a white board. (For B4, we can use Arianna and Jacob's hand shake thing they do.)
    > Plan at least 10 different shots, meaning different shot sizes/types.
    > Write down your planned shots on a piece of paper and take the paper with you when we go outside to shoot.

  • If you have finished Shot Types 2 preparation:
    In this in-class activity, you will be transferring media from cameras to a Desktop folder and uploading that folder to Google Drive.
    > Make a folder for this activity on your Desktop and name it whatever you like.
    > The teacher will give you and your partner a camera and cable.
    > Using the cable, connect the camera to your computer. Make sure your camera is turned on.
    > Find the folder on the camera that contains the media.
    > Copy that entire folder to your project folder.
    > Rename the folder you just copied giving it a descriptive name.
    > Upload the entire folder to Google Drive.
    You will not be turning this in on Google Classroom. The teacher will come around and check your progress. You will be doing this with more than one camera.

  • If you have finished everything above, you may:
    > Work on Premiere Pro. Learn new stuff!
    > Work on your Seedbed project.

Week 5: Week of 18-Sep-2023
  • Finish Shot types 2. Too late to be taking pictures or video! It's time to turn this in. If you need more media, get it from someone in class or the free media on this site.
  • Work on Montage practice and learning Premiere Pro
Week 6: Week of 25-Sep-2023
  • Complete Montage practice which includes learning basic Premiere Pro functions. If you've completed on video, make another, and another, then one more! Turn in your best one for a grade.
  • Look at fountain format.
  • Begin Montage Script. If Mr. R is absent, wait until he returns to explain this. But you can start taking notes and brainstorming ideas. This is an individual project but you are encouraged to help each other.
  • Topics to cover for quiz: resolution, determining resolution in image, determining and setting resolution in Premiere Pro
  • Review creating new project in the project folder (i.e., not using the default Premiere Pro location)
  • Understand that by default, the resolution of a movie in Premiere Pro is set by the first visual element you drag into the timeline
Week 7: Week of 02-Oct-2023
Week 8: Week of 09-Oct-2023
Week 9: Week of 16-Oct-2023 End of Q1
  • Work on Ad project
  • Montage Production absolutely, positively, and without exception due.
Week 10: Week of 23-Oct-2023
  • Work on Ad project
Week 11: Week of 30-Oct-2023
  • Ad video absolutely, positively DUE by Friday! You are required to continually improve your video until the last class of the week.
  • We will discuss the upcoming PSA project during the last class of the week.
Week 12: Week of 06-Nov-2023
  • Begin PSA project. Script due by the end of the week.
Week 13: Week of 13-Nov-2023
  • Work on PSA project. The PSA video is due Friday for B classes. A classes will get an extension to next week due to teacher absence on the 14th and their only having two classes this week.
Week 14: Week of 20-Nov-2023

Thursday and Friday are holidays.

  • Begin work on selected project: Movie Trailer, Book Review, or Scene Dub.Script required. You can use any of our script formats and templates.
  • A day classes PSA video absolutely, positively DUE before Thanksgiving break!
Week 15: Week of 27-Nov-2023
  • Continue work on your choice of: Movie Trailer, Book Review, or Scene Dub. Script is DUE by the end of the week.
Week 16: Week of 04-Dec-2023
  • Continue working on your selected project.
  • If you feel you are finished with your current project, have at least two classmates review your movie. Make it better! There's always room for improvement.
Week 17: Week of 11-Dec-2023
  • Selected project (Movie Trailer, Book Review, or Scene Dub) is DUE by the last class of the week.
  • You can start on the final project this week. Your final project will be your choice of an Individual Project or Intercurricular Project.

Winter break 12/18-1/2.

Week 18: Week of 01-Jan-2023
  • Begin work on your choice of Individual Project or Intercurricular Project. Script is DUE by the end of the week.
Week 19: Week of 08-Jan-2023
  • Finish your final project.

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