Introduction to Storyboarding


Learning objective: Using a short script excerpt, you will be able to storyboard at least ten shots.


"A storyboard is a graphic layout that sequences illustrations and images with the purpose of visually telling a story." (Link).

As the above definition indicates, a storyboard is a graphic representation of a story. Storyboarding is part of the pre-production stage of movie making, along with scripting, shot lists, and other steps. A storyboard is used to visualize what a scene will look like.

Step One

Look at a wide variety of storyboard examples located at When you are looking at these examples, you are encouraged to explore all files and views available, but be sure to at least look at the Storyboard view. This file will show you how to get that view. Look for the purple arrow (pop-up).

Step Two

Find and browse these storyboard templates. The easiest templates for you to eventually use will probably be the four or six panel templates in Word of PDF format.

Step Three

Downlad and read this script excerpt in pdf format.

Read through the excerpt a few times. If you missed the teacher's description of the seen presented in class, you can click here for a description of the scene.

Step Four

Alone or in groups of no more than three, storyboard this script. In the actual scene, the teacher counted over 40 shots! Try to storyboard at least 10 different shots. Talk about it with your classmates first. What do you think this scene looks like? When would there be a close-up? Long shot? Remember to include brief notes with each panel! You can always look back at the examples from Step One for help.

You can use any of the storyboard templates you like, and you can complete them either by hand or digitally.

Step Five

Share your storyboard with the class.

After you are finished

After you finish identifying appropriate shots for the script excerpt, you can watch the actual scene. The teacher will show the scene in class.

How-to Videos

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