Shot List

Outstanding 90-100

  • Shot list has at least 20 shots
  • The information on the shot list is complete and specific

Proficient 80-90

  • Shot list has at least 15 shots
  • The information on the shot list is complete

Basic 70-80

  • Shot list has at least 10 shots
  • The information on the shot list is missing some information

Insufficient 60-70

  • Shot list has fewer than 10 shots
  • There is a lot of information missing or too vague to be useful

In this activity, you will read an excerpt of a script and decide on how it should be shot by indicating shot types directly on the script and completing a shot list document.

Why are we doing this?

The first stage of making most videos is to write a script. Once written, you need to decide how to shoot the script, and that means you need to decide what shots your going to use for each second of the script.

Learning objectives: By the end of this civility, you will be able to:
1. Read and analyze a script with an eye towards how it will look on the screen
2. Identify appropriate sequences of shots for a short script excerpt
3. Annotate a script excerpt with shot types
4. Complete a shot list document

Step One

Open the script excerpt. Read the script and visualize what different shots will be used for each part of the script. In the actual movie clip for the script, there are over 40 shots! Try to identify at least 15 (20 for an outstanding! See rubric above).

Step Two

Using a printout of the script or a pdf copy, annotate (i.e., make notes on) the script indicating what shots should be used for each part of the script.

Step Three

Using one of the Shot List Templates linked on the menu at left, create a shot list for your script. This is the document you would follow if you were to actually film this script.

Step Four

Turn your shot list document into Google Classroom.

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