File Management 2

Under Development for Fall Semester 2022

And the winner is...

The winning team will be determined by the following:

  • All pictures have been found
  • All related pictures are in a separate folder for the 'master' picture. For example, the four pictures that, combined, form a house are all in the same folder, perhaps named 'house'.
  • A consistent naming protocol has been applied to all folders and files in those folders. The protocol should be consistent across folders. Consider upper vs lower case, spaces vs underscores, CamelCase, numbers, extensions, and other possible elements of a file name.
  • Whoever finishes first gets two bonus points, but those points can easily be lost by poor naming or file management.

In this activity, you will practice collaboratively downloading, organizing, renaming, uploading, and sharing files and folders.

Review concepts relevant to this activity (Optional)

Why are we doing this?

Because these are essential skills for this class. When making a video, you will be working with many files across different machines. It is vital that you have the skills to organize and manage your files. And because it's just a fun activity.

Learning objectives: By the end of this activity, you will be able to:

  1. Create folders on your Desktop
  2. Download and save folders and files from the internet to a folder on your Desktop
  3. Rename files and folders on your Desktop according to a logical, descriptive, and consistent system that adheres to file management best practices as we have defined them so far
  4. Upload files and folders to your Google Drive
  5. Get shareable links for folders on your Google Drive
  6. Post shareable links to Google Classroom

Media Folder Here

Step One

You have been partnered with 2-3 other students. They are not sitting next to you. Find them via Google Chat for your class.

Option: As a class, we may decide to work in our sectors rather than over Google Chat.

Step Two

Your task is to browse the media folder and find the pictures that go together.

This folder contains a number of animal pictures that have been divided into quarters. Each quarter of a picture has been given a nonsense name.

Your job as a team is to:

  1. Find your partners
  2. Agree who is going to be in charge of downloading and renaming the pictures. Alternatively, you can choose to create and share a folder on Google Drive that you can all edit, so that you can all put files on that drive and rename them. It's up to your group. Ultimately, you will need to turn in a link to one location with all your files neatly named and organized. See the rubric link at the top of the page for details.
  3. Agree on and use a logical naming system for your files. The system should be consistent. You should have a folder for each animal, and all four pieces of each animal picture should be in the same folder, named in a logical, consistent manner.
  4. Once all your files are renamed and in order, submit the link on Google Classroom. See the rubric for how the winning team will be chosen.


Animal Pictures [Online images]. Pexels. [Accessed 30 March 2022]