Show & Tell


This activity is still being developed.

Project goal: To share an object or experience using a variety of camera shots and creative editing.

Learning objectives: By the end of this activity, you will be able to:

  1. write a short script using a standard format
  2. construct shot lists for a script
  3. annotate a script to indicate shots
  4. using one of the school cameras or your phone, set up and record different shots according to a script and shot list
  5. create a project folder on your C drive within your existing course folder
  6. import recorded shots into your project folder
  7. create a new Premiere Pro project for your video, and save the Premiere Pro project file (extension pproj) in your project folder on your C drive
  8. import your recorded shots into your new Premiere Pro project
  9. edit your video so that it includes the minimum number of shots combined in a way that is appealing and easy to watch
  10. export your video to mp4 format
  11. export your mp4 video to Google Drive, get a shareable link, and submit that link to Google Classroom

Step One

Choose a personal item, experience, or skill that you would like to me your video about. This can be a short, 1-2 minute video, so you subject can be simple. We will brainstorm ideas as a class and list some of our ideas for discussion.

It's OK to use pictures or video clips as media for your show and tell video. You can use media (pictures, video, audio) that you already have, or create new material. Most people will likely do a bit of both.

Step Two

Write your script using the same format as one of our templates.

We'll review the format you need to follow.

Step Three

Make a shot list for your script.

If it helps, feel free to storyboard your video. We'll discuss how to make storyboards in class.

Step Four

Shoot your video!

If you're using some video clips or pictures that you already have, then this is the time to collect them into your project folder and rename them appropriately.

Move all media to your project folder on your C drive.

Step Five

Create your new Premiere Pro project if you haven't already, being sure to create it in your project folder on your C drive.

Import your media into your Premiere Pro project, and begin editing.

Step Six

Once you are done editing, export to mp4, upload your finished video to Google Drive, and submit a link on Google Classroom.

Your done! Congratulations!