Shot Type Activity 1


Learning objectives: By the end of this activity, you will be able to:

  1. identify and name all 6 basic shot types and at least 4 additional secondary shot types (as listed on the Shot Types page) using standard professional terms
  2. create a folder on your C drive or One Drive and give it a descriptive name*
  3. use a screenshot tool such as Snagit to capture part of your screen
  4. descriptively rename files and folders
  5. upload folders from your C drive to Google Drive
  6. get a shareable link to a folder on Google Drive, and
  7. submit a link to Google Classroom

*If you create your materials in the default network folder, you will run out of space.

Step One

Review the Shot types page on CAILAB.

Step Two

Create a folder for this activity within your class folder on the C drive or One Drive. Name the folder shot_types1 or something similar. You will be saving your shots to this folder.

Step Three

Find as many different shots as you can in YouTube video clips. You can use the clips provided below or other clips you find on your own. You must find at least one example of each basic shot type and 1 example of 4 secondary shot types (for a total of 10) as defined on the Shot Types page.

When you find a shot that you want to save, pause the video and take a screenshot using Snagit or another screenshot app. Save the screenshots in the folder you created in Step Two. Important: Save each screenshot using the name of the shot type it represents.

Step Four

Upload the entire folder you created in Step Two to your class folder on Google Drive. This folder should now contain all the screenshots you took for Step Three.

Step Five

Submit a link to your folder to Google Classroom.

How-to Videos

Get shared link

Export to mp4

Add captions

Green screen (coming soon)