Grade 8 Schedule

Week 1 tasks
Seating charts
Behavior plan
Device passes and policy
Add link to cailab on your browser and/or Desktop
Drive structure
Set up class folder and subfolder for first project
Backup class folder to Google Drive
Learn how to use Snagit (needed for upcoming activity)
Watch videos on camera movement and shot sizes

If time permits:
*Rule of thirds
*Shot types
*Camera movement

Google Classroom Codes:

Grade 8: 4ho467u
Grade 7: zavdc2g
Grade 6: mw2ai2c

See syllabus | Google Classroom

Dates below are not official. For official calendar, see the YMS Calendar for SY 2021-22

Week 1: Week of 17-Jan-2021, Monday holiday, Tuesday B day
  • Orientation (see announcements)
  • Join Google class
  • Set up class folders - instructions
Week 2: Week of 24-Jan-2021, B, Friday holiday
Week 3: Week of 31-Jan-2021, B
Week 4: Week of 07-Feb-2021, A
  • Continue the Shot types 2
  • Start on the shot list for your Collage video if you have finished shot types 2.
Week 5: Week of 14-Feb-2021, B
  • Finish the Shot types 2
  • Work on your Collage video. Once you submit your shot list, you can start work on your video using Premiere Pro or one of the other options for editing.
Week 6: Week of 21-Feb-2021, Monday holiday, Tuesday A day
  • Work on your Collage video
  • Discuss the mission statement activity
Week 7: Week of 28-Feb-2021, A
Week 8: Week of 07-Mar-2021, A
  • TBA
Week 9: Week of 14-Mar-2021, B
  • TBA
Week 10: Week of 21-Mar-2021, A, Friday teacher work day
  • TBA
Week 11: Week of 04-Apr-2021, A,
  • TBA
Week 12: Week of 11-Apr-2021, B
  • TBA
Week 13: Week of 18-Apr-2021, A
  • TBA
Week 14: Week of 25-Apr-2021, A
  • TBA
Week 15: Week of 02-May-2021, B
  • TBA
Week 16: Week of 09-May-2021, A
  • TBA
Week 17: Week of 16-May-2021, B
  • TBA
Week 18: Week of 23-May-2021, A

For the final two weeks of school, you have the options of completing one of the projects listed below

Week 19: Week of 30-May-2021, Monday holiday, Tuesday B day

Complete your chosen final project

How-to Videos

Get shared link

Export to mp4

Add captions

Green screen (coming soon)