Grade 8 Schedule

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Grade 8: 4ho467u
Grade 7: zavdc2g
Grade 6: mw2ai2c

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Dates below are not official. For official calendar, see the YMS Calendar for SY 2021-22


Week 11: Week of 04-Apr-2022, A
Week 12: Week of 11-Apr-2022, B
  • Tue: concept and basic outline due in class
  • PSA video script due end of week
Week 13: Week of 18-Apr-2022, A
Week 14: Week of 25-Apr-2022, A
  • TBA
Week 15: Week of 02-May-2022, B
Week 16: Week of 09-May-2022, A
Week 17: Week of 16-May-2022, B
Week 18: Week of 23-May-2022, A

For the final two weeks of school, you have the options of completing one of the projects listed below

Week 19: Week of 30-May-2022, Monday holiday, Tuesday B day

Complete your chosen final project

Week 20: Week of 06-June-2022, B, Monday & Tuesday early release, Wednesday teacher work day

No late work accepted. Everything due last Friday. We will be sharing the videos we made over the semester with the little time we have this week.

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