Grade 6 Schedule

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Grade 6: mw2ai2c

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Dates below are not official. For official calendar, see the YMS Calendar for SY 2021-22


Week 11: Week of 04-Apr-2022, A
Week 12: Week of 11-Apr-2022, B
Week 13: Week of 18-Apr-2022, A
Week 14: Week of 25-Apr-2022, A
Week 15: Week of 02-May-2022, B
Week 16: Week of 09-May-2022, A
  • Script for Movie Trailer or Book Review due
  • Start working on your trailer or review video
  • NOTES:

    1. Openclipart and other sites in main menu available in lieu of recording. You can download images on most any subject from these sites, and they are royalty free.

    2. Opportunities to use cameras in A1 will be severely restricted due to lack of space. Green room by reservation only and will require clear shot plan. Rather than using recordings, you can use royalty free images and video clips from the sites listed in the main menu combined with VO or subtitles. Also, you are welcome to record outside of class hours. If you do, you will need to upload your media to Google Drive so you can then download it in the lab.

    3. Due to crowded conditions in A1, students need to stay at their work stations. If you need to stretch your legs, you can stand up and stretch in place or use the restroom. When (if) the weather improves, we can go outside to record.

    4. If you are having problems coming up with an idea for your review or trailer, you can use a short story. Links to a site with some good stories have been added to the activity page.
Week 17: Week of 16-May-2022, B
Week 18: Week of 23-May-2022, A

> Review credits and citations. Demo making credits page on Docs, taking a screenshot, and adding that to PP
> Option to share idea with class for feedback or have script or proposal due today
> Thursday and Friday we may be able to record outside depending on class needs and weather
> Although a shot list is not required, students need to plan shots very well due to time and space constraints

> Review select possible projects: Introduction, Teacher spotlight, Scene dub

For the final two weeks of school, you have the options of completing one of the projects listed below

Week 19: Week of 30-May-2022, Monday holiday, Tuesday B day

Complete your chosen final project

Week 20: Week of 06-June-2022, B, Monday & Tuesday early release, Wednesday teacher work day

No late work accepted. Everything due last Friday. We will be sharing the videos we made over the semester with the little time we have this week.

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