Grade 6 Schedule

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Grade 8: 4ho467u
Grade 7: dkrnxsq
Grade 6: yv4bxdf

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Dates below are not official. For official calendar, see the YMS Calendar for SY 2021-22

Week 1: Week of 23-Aug-2021, Mon is modified schedule, Tue is an A
  • Orientation
  • Join Google class
  • Set up class folders - instructions
Week 2: Week of 30-Aug-2021, A
Week 3: Week of 06-Sep-2021, Mon is a holiday, Tue is an B
Week 4: Week of 13-Sep-2021, B
  • Continue the Shot types 2
  • Start on the shot list for your Collage video if you have finished shot types 2.
Week 5: Week of 20-Sep-2021, B
  • Finish the Shot types 2
  • Work on your Collage video. Once you submit your shot list, you can start work on your video using Premiere Pro.
Week 6: Week of 27-Sep-2021, A, Fri no school for students
Week 7: Week of 04-Oct-2021, A, Fri no classes
Week 8: Week of 11-Oct-2021, Mon holiday, Tue is an A
Week 9: Week of 18-Oct-2021, B, no school for students Fri
Week 10: Week of 25-Oct-2021, B, no school for students Fri
Week 11: Week of 01-Nov-2021, B
Week 12: Week of 08-Nov-2021, A, Thu holiday, Fri no classes for students
Week 13: Week of 15-Nov-2021, B
Week 14: Week of 22-Nov-2021, A, Thu-Fri holiday
Week 15: Week of 29-Nov-2021, B
Week 16: Week of 06-Dec-2021, A
Week 17: Week of 13-Dec-2021, B
Week 18: Week of 03-Jan-2022, A
Week 19: Week of 10-Jan-2021, Exam schedule, Fri no classes for students